Created Mar 12, 2006


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Jack of all trades. Master of a few. Farm kid, Army Aviator, Newspaper Publisher, Retired. Working harder than ever. 80 years old, live in Texas. Probably going to be Oklahoma this year. My kids live there. Love to write but have to be motivated. Spent many years in Far East. Have now spent more in the US.

Recently became active in local Ohio politics. A Democrat in my youth, Republican until August 2006. Became an Independent the beginning of that month, and back to Republican within a week or so. Running in a Special Republican Primary to select a candidate in the General Election in November 2006. Anyone reading this and finding I lost the election should contact me so I can revise this bio. Good Newsviner found this and notified me. Yes, I lost the election and gained a lifetime of experience and personal rewards while campaigning. I am getting too old to do it again but would sure recommend it to anyone else. Running for political office may be the best thing you ever did. Try it!

Now in my Golden Years and loving it. My age gives me an excuse to do all the things I used to feel guilty about like loafing, napping, being lazy, procrastinating and more. It is wonderful what age will let you get away with. I recently have acquired some new interests to include carving on natural wood but I cheat. I now have a CNC carving machine and am watching for signs of the times. Sorry about my I may get around to doing something with it when I get a round tuit. Round tuits have become harder to find. In the meantime, watch for my regeneration on Newsvine. I am sure it is about to happen.

Big time into solar energy. See to see one of my projects. It is now near finished and will be on display soon. It now is finished or practically so. I have it sitting outside my camper at it is fully capable of providing all my electrical requirements. Why am I the only one interested in this stuff?